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3 Business Opportunities In The Profitable Artificial Grass Industry

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The artificial grass sector is one of the fast growing sectors in both the local economy as well as the international market. Demand is at an all-time high, even as more and more customers discover the undeniable short and long-term benefits of fake grass.
This ever growing industry presents numerous business opportunities worth exploring for the entrepreneur with an eye for business.

Artificial Grass Manufacturer
The checklist for this opportunity is quite detailed. For starters, it is a capital-intensive opportunity as you would need to acquire state of the art technology and equipment for the manufacturing process. These and the factory and warehouse facilities certainly do not come easy or cheap. Additionally, you will have to source for the best talents in terms of labor. It is always better to hire staff that has the qualification and relevant experience, preferably in a similar production plant.
to survive and beat the competition, you must also invest in research and come up with a product that as superior qualities over those already in the market. Customers want to know how the performance of your product measures against rival products. Is your synthetic turf more durable? Does it look and feel more realistic? Does it drain better? How does it measure up when it comes to UV-stability and color retention?
Other pointers include meeting all the legal requirements such as licensing and company registration among others.

Synthetic Turf Dealer/Distributor
You can choose to be a wholesale or retail artificial grass dealer, depending on your target market, business objectives among other factors that influence your choice of scale of operation. As a wholesaler dealer, you will be moving around large volumes of the product and dealing mostly with trade customers. Retail distributors on the other hand, deal with smaller volumes and a very diverse clientele.
A thorough market research should always inform your decision to go into artificial grass distribution. You may choose to source from different manufacturers and other suppliers or become an authorized dealer for a particular brand. Much of your starting capital will go into setting up shop with suitably sized warehouses and showrooms. Marketing is also a recurrent expenditure to expect if you are looking to gainfully grow your business.
As a distributor, you can also choose to offer a supply-only service or put together a team of qualified technicians and offer a supply-and-installation service to your clients. You will, of course, be required to register your business accordingly and adhere to all legal requirements governing this niche.

Installation contractor and Landscape Company
Customers love artificial grass, but a DIY installation is not exactly the easiest thing to do. This creates a demand for artificial grass installation contractors and landscaping companies. Besides following all legal requirements, and getting the word out on your services, yours will be to ensure that you hire a crew that can do any artificial grass installation to perfection. Clients can be very unforgiving following shoddy work on an installation project and one bad customer review can bury your business before it even gets started.
Consistency in providing quality workmanship will help you stay ahead of the competition. A smart synthetic turf contractor or landscaper will cultivate and maintain healthy relationships with all stakeholders at all times. This is because; clients trust the recommendations for a contractor of a fake grass supplier. Similarly, most clients will go by word-of-mouth referrals from other clients. It surely is a great way to stay ahead.

Business is booming in the artificial grass industry and only expected to continue growing. With that in mind, there is definitely room for new players and these are some of the high-reward business opportunities in the industry to try for a piece of the action.

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