5 Viable Least-Cost Business Ideas in Entertainment Industry

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Equipped with business acumen and strategic awareness, entrepreneurs can look beyond the glam that is characteristic of the media and entertainment industry to identify viable business ideas.  Read on for the list of least-cost business opportunities and ideas in the entertainment industry.

Event Deejaying

For someone with some music spinning skills and a great personality, becoming an event deejaying is a great idea to earn a decent income and enjoy your passion for music. With great service, you will be working on referrals on growing your customer base by the day. In no time, you will not be spinning music only, but will be a real money-spinner.

Modeling Agency

The modeling business is quite diverse and has different niches including runway modeling, fashion modeling, glamor modeling, showroom modeling and commercial modeling among others. With little in capital and a great business plan, you can start and build up a successful modeling agency. Depending on your talents and strengths as a business owner, among other factors, you can choose to start a general modeling agent that works with persons of all ages, male and female or a specialty agency that works only with models that fit a particular criteria such as plus-size models.

Professional Emceeing

As a freelance professional master of ceremony, you get to work with different clientele on private and corporate events. All you need is your innate public speaking talents and charming personality. Networking is also great for this particular trade if you are to remain in the business for long. The pay is incredibly attractive and you can choose to do it as a part-time gig.

Bouncy Castles, Slides and Amusement Hire

Parents go all out when it comes to providing entertainment for their kids.  It’s a great niche that holds a lot of promise as far as consistency in demand goes. Effective marketing strategies can see your home-based company that hires its units from other companies grow into a large fit that owns its own units and serves a large and loyal clientele in a very short time.

Dance Studio

Everyone today, young and old is looking to learn how to dance.  With a true for dance and sincere love and patience towards others, you could be looking at a successful dance studio business with tens of students or more and a number of employed dance instructors within a short while in business.

These are only five of many exciting business opportunities in the entertainment industry. The ideas are not capital-intensive and can start as home-based or part-time ventures before expanding the scale of operation.

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