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Dealing With Last-Minute Cancellations By Your Clients

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Clients are always complaining about when a service company cancels at the last minute. That, however, is not the full picture, because clients are not always the victims of last minute cancellations. Service companies such as a jumping castle hire business loose big when a client cancels on booked products and services.

How then, can you effectively avoid these last-minute cancellations from your clients?
Give reminders
For some clients, life can get very busy and forgetting is sometimes inevitable. Parents and event organizers may get so busy trying to plan for the perfect event and adding new activities to the day that they may easily forget booking your bouncing castles and other hire items for their event.
You can always send a text message, an email or even call for a more personal touch. This communication keeps the clients reminded of their commitment to your company. For such a strategy, you can always provide some room for early cancellations. It is less devastating to remind a client and deal with a cancellation at that time, than to arrive on site with all the bouncing castles and have to take them down due to the client cancelling.

Sign and stick to a contract
A verbal agreement sometimes is never enough. It is always good business practice to put everything in writing. When a client comes to you and books bouncing castles and other hire inflatables for a special event they are hosting, discuss everything with them and after a satisfactorily conclusive discussion, have them sign a contract.
From the onset, make it abundantly clear that yours is a busy bouncing castle hire company and bookings help you keep up with the demand for your products. In clear terms, define the terms that dictate your cancellation policy. Whether its requiring several days’ notice prior to the material day or providing zero room whatsoever for cancellation; ensure that the client fully understands these terms.
In case of a breach of contract due to the client insisting on last-minute cancellation, then your jumping castle business is cushioned as the client loses any payments made, or as is dictated by the contract.

Dealing with last-minute cancellation may involve trying to avoid the cancellation, as with giving reminders as well as having to put your foot down with the backing of a contract when a client actually cancels. Your bouncing castle hire company will definitely be better off and well on the way to growth by implementing these strategies.

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